In this digital age where we live vicariously through Instagram feeds of strangers (lifegoals) and post the highlights of our lives, we pain stakenly worry about the shot. We start to ask ourselves ‘is it Insta worthy’

Sure between Iphones and editing apps, we all pretty much regard ourselves as ‘Photograpgers’ these days, but there is no denying some people are just better at it then other.  Though anyone’s life can looks better on Instagram when you pick and choose a curtated version of yourself.

A question I get time and time again, how do you get such a choatent feed? – honestly, I try but I don’t really try. I am not one of these people who has to take 50 shots to get that one perfect one. I know I am not a model, so why would I try and be one.

So i’ve homed down my own thoughts on my instagram feed

× Yes Iphone photography is 10 times more than what it used to be, honestly working with a photographer will bring clean, well shot and balanced images to your feed. Not to say that you need to go out and hire a top photographer with the biggest camera for the day. Look for young and upcoming artist’s, that way both of you can build on your brand. (Don’t forget to pay them)

How to get an instagram perfect Feed

× Find your filter, well sequence of edits. Having a consistent editing process on a few apps, will give each of your pictures a similar feel. Meaning, yes they all can tell a different story, from coffee in the morning to outfits details; but they all visually blend together.

× If it doesn’t fit, then don’t post it. It’s great that you got invited to that event or had an amazing meal, but if that isn’t what your feed about, then it isn’t going to add anything. There is no point in sharing a badly lit shot or messy event picture. Learning where to post different types of content will be your best friend, between InstaStories and Snapchat, we have endless options to still let everyone know what we are up to. Simply be consistent with what you post, don’t jump from only having selfies to a random coffee shot.

× This comes from my closet rules, you don’t have to know your look and style, but having a closet that works together, means your shots are going to as well.

× Don’t have anything to post then, don’t post. So this one goes back to the other point, but we can be very real with ourselves, not every day is a instagram worthy day. Hands down if your life is that, but your not always going to be with that friend ready to take a candid shot of you dancing down the street. So it’s ok to be real with yourself, I can go 4-5 days, sometimes even longer without posing, ‘QUALITY OVER QUANTY’ every time.

How to get an instagram perfect Feed

× Don’t stress, I don’t let Instagram take over my life, either between comparing myself or trying to live through it. I do the things and go to the places, I post about because those are things that interest me. Yes, I put a lot of my life out for everyone, but if there is a day or week that isn’t quite me, well I just don’t need to post anything. I know once it get’s to the point were I feel any of my social media outlets consumes me, I know its time to stop.

No rules that are bread and butter, just some thought processes. Sometimes I think about what I am posting, other’s I don’t, most of my content is simply how I see the world. My rule is ‘BE YOU’, there is no right and wrong, it isn’t about how many followers or likes you have. But if you look back on it and it inspires you or makes you smile with memories, well let that be your achievement.

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How to get an instagram perfect Feed


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