My Three Closet Rules


How I taught myself to stop buying clothes i’ll never wear

I’ve always loved shopping and had a love for style (comes from my granny). Though I can be totally honest and say not every trend tried and outfit, can be classed as a winner.

We all learn from our mistake and that even applies to what we wear. First world problem ‘I have nothing to wear’, hands up we’ve all been there but clearly have a closet full of clothes. What was I doing wrong, why do I have clothes still with the tags on?, even pieces i’ve only worn once. So here are some of my top tips and lessons learn’t.


Ok, so part of the fun of fashion is trying on different looks. There is an art to dabbing in a new trend (see post). If it’s not you or your personality, then your always going to have trouble styling it. It will be that item that you have nothing to match with, and be shoved further and further into the back of the closet. Only to one daring day you pull it out, to look back at a picture and think goodness what was I wearing (it’s happen the best of us)


My biggest closet rule, allows me to have a mix and match concept. While I am all about taking a few risks and buy something that doesn’t quite fit into the equation. Going ‘BOLD’  works, when the basics and everything else pairs. Before I take it to the Cash register, taking a moment to think, how am I going to style this with what I have. As a result i’ve definitely set a few things back. For me it leads to investing in pieces that are more versatile. The biggest investment i’ve taken in my closet, was actually getting rid of half of it. That way I know that every piece I now buy, works together. Having that curated closet not only makes my life easier, it saves me money and there is less fashion disasters. Obviously this doesn’t appeal or work for everyone, but if not wasting money and having a closet that works together; then this a key rule for you


Maybe it’s something that comes when you find your look or when you get a little older. Buy buying your basics with the mentality ‘oh it’s cheap, i’ll wear it and buy another’. Honestly this is something i’ve just adapted into my life (New York is to blame). You don’t have to have a closet full of designer labels, but truth being told it’s not bad to invest in the right essentials and basics. I have a few reasons for this, but the main being; they actually fit your body better, having that extra little bit of quality makes all the difference. I will spend more money on these pieces, than a trend item. I know it’s going to be something I am always going to reach for. My secert is paring those pieces with less expensive ones, it will alwats make your whole look more put together and polished (see post about basic’s to buy)

Let me know you get on your next shopping trip, or closet clear out. Happy shopping.

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