Every fashionista needs those pieces that are interchangeable, with the rest of your closet. These don’t have to expensive designer pieces, experimenting with trends is something I have fun doing. Though when it comes to items, I will wear and style a million ways, indulging in an piece with a slightly higher price tag is not something your going to regret. That being said, some of my favourite go to pieces have cost my no more than £25/$30. The best way to buy your basic investments is to ask yourself a few questions and knowing which items to save or spend on.

Basic story

So classic, timeless, smart buys – call them whatever you may, you will depend on them, a future-proof foundation for every day chic.





Photos: Edelle Kenny 


Here are my top 10 need to have pieces.

  1. Camel Coat – there is something that feels super stylish about a camel coloured coat. Its perfect to throw over the top of that all back outfit, with a bit of class.


2. Sunglasses – so I went and broke the bank when I got my Celine’s, though any good quality               glasses are a spend item. While in New York, my biggest habit was wearing my sunnies (rain,           hail or sunshine) Black was an easy option, especially with a classic style, so save your                       experimental sunnies for that £10 pair from Asos.


3.White Tee – this is the one that has everyone save or spend? Personally the answer is spend a             little more than £15/$20. I find Calvin K to have a great slightly oversized collection, that                 isn’t going to break the bank. If your deciding to stretch the budget a little further, one can               ever say no to a little Wang or Acne.



4. Vintage/Sport Tee – graphic tees is something I thought I left behind when I was 15, however            casual is back and it’s all in the styling. With slightly oversized being the look, which is                      perfect for those busy days. Throw on your black jeans, vintage tee with camel coat and your            ready for a day of bossing it with zero effort.


5. Black Heels – you can never go wrong with a pair of classic black heels, they will have your                back no matter what type of event your going to, just make sure you can walk in them.


6. White Sneakers – i’ve talked about my need for sneakers before, sometimes being a city girl,               you need that cool but I got a million things to do look. Definitely a save item though, its                   hard keeping them looking fresh, so being able to replace after a few months is a must.


7. Watch – of course our phones are never out of our hands, but having a classic watch on your             arm is never a bad look. Little bit more a spend item in my eyes, timeless investments like a             Daniel Wellignton or Cluse, is something that your going to still wear 5 years from now.


8. Slip Dress – with a, I woke up like this attitude, the slip dress comes back every year. With                not being a huge summer style fan it is a save item for me though, but I love being able to                  wear this spring, summer and autumn, with the simple touch of layers and accessories.


9. Leather Jacket – bringing it back with a black leather jacket, which is an need to have                         investment piece. If you buy one now that is a good fit in a classic style, it will be piece that               you will pass along the line.


10. White / Blue Shirt – either it’s for work or an oversized boyfriend look with your jeans,                       quality is always better. Clean cut and crisp are the points your looking to tick.



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