New York I Miss You


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Leaving New York, was harder than your average break up. Without a doubt there is a huge draw to the city where anything is possible, once you have made it a home in your heart, there is no going back. You have a taste for the lifestyle, the hustle, the culture and nothing really can compete with it.

YES! New York is hard, and anyone who tells you otherwise got things handed to them on a silver plate. I regret NOTHING, and learnt to embrace EVERYTHING. It can be a real struggle from finding an apartment, making ends meet, to making new friends. However ask anyone was it worth it all, and the answer will almost, always be a huge fat YES!

Living here taught me many life lessons. It forced me to grow as a person, every challenge helped me build my character and changed me for the better. The city moves fast, so you have to learn how to dance with its beat and rhythm, if you get that then your in for one hell of a ride.


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NYC life tips

  1. Friends – are everything, New York is full of people and if your the right type of person it actually won’t be hard to meet people. Its finding the people that’s on your wavelength, in my experience this can totally change your outcome of how you enjoy your time.
  2. Just say ‘YES’ – not everything has to be a well structured game plan, if something comes up or someone asks you to do something say YES. New York is the city where anything can happen if you take it by the hand. Some of your best memories will be spontaneous YES moments.
  3. Learn to say No – you can’t do and be at everything. it’s simply not possible, learn to get over your FOMO.
  4. You will Never not be tired, coffee will become your partner in crime
  5. Get outta the city – I was so in love with New York that I didn’t travel until near the end of my stay, but something I wish I would have done more. Getting out of the city is important to your mental health, and returning makes the city feel even more specialScreen Shot 2017-03-20 at 00.03.04
  6. Do You – This phrase is everything in America. No one will judge you for being you
  7. New York is tough, but you will become boss ass. Everyone moves here for a reason and everyone wants to succeed, learn hard work comes out top every time.
  8. Network, Network and Network
  9. Be proud of your self, there will be a moment one day were you look back, and think wow I’ve been living here, this is my home among the craziness
  10.  IT WILL ALL WORK OUT -it may not all be perfect, but you achieved it and learnt lessons while doing it.


 ‘New York. It put’s a spell on you’ 

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